Welcome to @ijapija00's Cydia Repository!

This repo has over 10000+ visitors every day.

I decided to do something special, new, that unites new jailbreak tweak developers. Therefore, I am willing to host your tweaks on my repo - both paid and free. But, hey, wait, why would you want to host your tweaks here when bigger repositories like BigBoss are available?

1. It is for free!

2. Everyone is welcome!

3. Privacy is the most important thing we've left. I don't care who you are, or what kind of background you've had. I care about good safe tweaks that want to see a light.

4. I host paid tweaks here. The payment goes directly to your PayPal account. I don't take any provision or hold the money for upto a month (like Cydia Store does). When a purchase is complete, you will see the payments in seconds and the money is yours. Good, huh?

5. DRM. All paid tweaks hosted here can have a DRM implemented if the author wants that. It is a single file you add to your project and I take care of stuff on server side.

6. Tweak duplicates are fine! As long as developers try to compete, I see nothing wrong with that. Luckly, the best thing on the market is competetion. If there is competetion, developers will raise they're tweaks to the new level and work to improve them as much as possible.

7. People uses this repo. You will be seen everywhere, especially since EVERY new tweak is welcome here. Make creditability from day one by submitting your tweak to cydia.ijapija00.com.

Want to host your tweak? Send an email to support@ijapija00.com to get started!